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Pax Mini Vaporizer

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The new PAX Mini vaporizer is finally here!

Say hello to the next generation of PAX, carefully crafted to give you the best dry herb experience. You can count on the Pax Mini to control the heat evenly and never burn the flower. This is an advanced, highly portable and lightweight vape, perfectly made for those quick flower sessions on the go.

On the Fly

The Mini is the smallest out of the PAX dry herb vaporizers released recently. It stands at a mere 93mm tall, so you can take it for traveling without being weighed down at all. On a single charge, it lasts for more than two hours of use so you can always count on it whenever, wherever. Make your pockets lighter and become limitless with the Mini.

Solo Time

What stands out for the Mini is the new oven size, measured to hold 0.25g of flower, it’s much smaller than the Pax Plus. This size makes it ideal for solo sessions, and easy to carry if you don’t need a whole lot of flower at a given time.

No Mess Oven

The new oven design has very even heating, so herbs are always cooked to perfection. The Pax Mini heats up for the most smooth vapor production ever. Another intuitive feature with the oven is that it has a magnetic lid to keep things all packed in. The magnetic oven lid will easily snap in place once it touches the base! No more scrambling with loose pieces.

One Button Control

The user design is very friendly so this vape isn’t a hassle at all to learn and control. There are no temperature controls to change or and only one simple button to start. The single heat setting is already set so it’s easy to start enjoying your session right away in no time. Simply pack, power on, and puff!

Modern Design

This new line up also has the same uniform design that is familiar with all PAX devices. The visuals of the Mini is sleek, modern, and has a sophisticated aura. The soft matte finish on the body and the grooved rounded edges makes it effortless to hold in your palms, the feeling is very comfortable while taking a hit. This no nonsense, iconic design really stands out from the rest.

Low Maintenance

The Mini is created with an easy to clean design that makes it simple to maintain. With the new 3D stainless steel oven screen and extra wire brush, cleaning it is just a breeze.

Discreet Vapor

The device’s convection heating surprisingly creates very low odor and smoke compared to combustion methods. Make the switch to the Mini so hits become easier and more low-key.