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aqua, pure, strawberry, apple, vape juice
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aqua, mist, apple, kiwi, vape, juice, eliquid
aqua, blue razz, vape juice, vape, mod, ejuice
aqua, surge, pastry, dessert, juice, vape, eliquid
aqua, vortex, vanilla, pastry, ejuice, vape


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  • Aqua Cream Surge puts your favorite, creamy drink into overdrive so that you get the fruity flavor at the strength you want. This extra creamy milk is pulsing with red and velvety energy that takes your experience to the next level.
  • Aqua Fruit's Flow helps you go with the movement. This concoction of fruit is all about the smooth taste of the tropics, mixing ripe pineapple with tangy mango and soothing guava to make one delectable flavor.
  • Aqua Vortex is the perfect dessert flavor. Vanilla custard topped with honey and cinnamon graham crackers is the most delicious nicotine delivery. You'll just have to give this mouth watering juice a try. 
  • Pure by Aqua Fruit delivers a pure and refreshing blend of e-liquid, featuring cold chunks of summer watermelon, crisp apple slices, and plump strawberries that have been warmed by the summer sun. Take your vape taste buds on a journey through summer, with sweet and ripe fruits infusing your every cloud! 
  • Blue Razz is a delicious that will take you on an adventure. The exquisite taste of this e-liquid will captivate your taste buds from your very first puff. The flavor is crystal clear. You will taste the slightly sour flavor of ripe blueberries as well as the sweet hard candy flavor. They come together to give you an enjoyable taste. Every puff of this e-liquid will leave you in awe.