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burst, mango, ejuice, vape, eliquid, mod
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Burst Berry features a soft chewy square of taffy, sweetened with the juice of a thousand ripe berries, featuring shy raspberries, sultry blackberries, warm strawberries, and plump blueberries! Enjoy an inexplicably juicy cloud flavored with all the berries your vape taste buds desire! 

Burst Mango is the sweet and juicy flavor of a thousand Caribbean mangos, peeled and cored to leave nothing but miles of mango slices, glistening with sticky fruit juice! This delicious mango juice gets stuffed in the center of a chewy taffy square for a true burst of mango flavor on your tongue!

Sher-Burst is a creamy blend of smooth and cold rainbow sherbert, somehow magically stuffed inside a sweet and chewy square of taffy! Enjoy the creaminess of the sherbet, the chewiness of the taffy, and the delicious burst of flavor in every cloud!