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Candy King

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  • Batch - A sweet and sour candy treat which features a fruity collection of sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime sour patch and sprinkled with sugar crystals.
  • Strawberry Belts - A recollection of sweet and sour strawberry candy, presented in e-liquid form that delivers the goodness to your tastebuds
  • Sour Worms - An exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers, with a burst of fruity flavors that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile.
  • Strawberry Watermelon - A stunning rendition of the strawberry and watermelon bubble gum, just as if you were chewing it.
  • Swedish - Brings the childhood recollection of everyone's favorite fish-shaped chewy wine gum candy.
  • Hard Apple - A delicious sour blast of green apple candy flavor that will leave your taste buds sweet tooth free but begging for more. Bursting with green apple candy flavor, this flavor is perfect for any candy vape or apple vape lover.