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keep it 100, vape juice, vape liquid, ejuice
keep it 100, vape juice, ejuice, vape, mod

Keep It 100

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  • Blue Slushie by Keep it 100 has been one of the most sought-after candy flavored vape juices in the entire vaping industry. Indulge in a heavenly Slurpee flavor from your favorite convenience store, where crushed blue raspberries are strained over ice and served with a bendy straw, also known as Papa Smurf’s personal favorite treat! We also carry the tropical and menthol variants of this juice!
  • Krunchy Squares by Keep it 100 has been one of the most sought-after cereal flavored juices in the entire vaping industry. Indulge in a heaping bowl of crunchy cinnamon squares, paired with a stream of cold milk and Saturday morning cartoons! We all know you crave these crunchy squares!
  • Birthday Shake by Keep It 100 is their latest delicious vape juice creation to add to their already varied lineup which features a plethora of eliquid flavors. A mouthwatering combination of freshly baked, fluffy birthday cake and a rich vanilla creme. 
  • Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100 will remind you of your favorite convenience store Blue Raspberry slushie drink with delectable Strawberry notes. This delicious mixed berry e juice will tantalize your taste buds and is destined to become your new all day vape! You really cannot go wrong with any e juice by Keep it 100. They are among our top selling e liquids in the vape market. Try this enticing new Blue Raspberry and Strawberry vape juice today!