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Pax 3 Vaporizer

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What's in the Box:

Complete Kit:

- 1 Pax 3 Vaporizer
- 1 Concentrate Insert
- 1 Charging Cable + Dock
- 1 Maintenance Kit
- 1 Multi-Tool
- 2 Mouthpieces
- 2 Oven Lids (Full and Half Pack)
- 3 Replacement Screens
- 1 Pax 3 Vaporizer
- 1 Charging Cable + Dock
- 1 Maintenance Kit
- 2 Mouthpieces


- Smaller. Smarter. Sleeker.
- For Dry Material & Extract
- Pocket Friendly
- Bluetooth
- App Enabled
- 4 Optimized Temperature Presets
- Motion Sensor With Automatic Shutoff
- Stainless Steel Filling Chamber
- Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery With Dock
- PAX Authorized Seller
- 100% Authentic Guaranteed
- 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

No more having to choose from one device or the other! The PAX 3 now allows you to switch between ground material and extract in just a few seconds. The included concentrate insert is small enough to carry around with you and easy enough to switch out when you are feeling for a different...feeling.

Power with Every (New) Detail

The PAX 3's new battery and design can allow you to charge up your device in about 60 minutes (30 minutes quicker than the PAX 2) and heat up time is just 15 seconds now (90 seconds on the PAX 2). On top of that, the updated oven is 2 times more powerful than the PAX 2 but that doesn't stop the battery from providing the best heating experience. High-capacity battery (3500mAh) for long-lasting use, powered with USB charging cradle. Simple to open and close sub-flush lid; held in place by two powerful, neodymium magnets.

Design & Technology Meet...Again.

Just like its predecessor, the PAX 3 uses 4 LED lights on the front to give you real-time communication about your device. Heat up your PAX 3 and when its ready (15 seconds) it will give you a little vibration to let you know. Just raise the PAX 3 to your lips, it starts to heat up using a built-in accelerometer, and it starts to cool when you set it down. And just like the PAX 2, why have multiple buttons, screens or anything else that gets in the way of what you want, a good session. All of this technology helps preserve the battery and your material so nothing gets wasted...nothing.


Power On

Temperature SettingsCooling

With the PAX Labs app you can personalize your PAX experience. You can set the PAX 3 to the exact temperature you want (no guessing). You can customize the 4 LED lights and update the firmware if necessary.